Reverent Technologies | Security Ratings and Why They Should Matter To You
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Security Ratings and Why They Should Matter To You

How can your company quantify how it ranks amongst peers when it comes to keeping information secure?  How can you gain confidence that your most sensitive information is safe in an environment that includes suppliers, partners, employees, and customers who are more digitally connected every day?

Forward thinkers need an unbiased solution to measure the continuous flow of data streaming in and out of their enterprises that delivers crisp metrics and a standards-based approach to their security posture. Security Ratings address these needs and are increasingly utilized as a vital resource when industry leaders craft Data Governance Policies. 

Use cases:

  • Leadership teams analyze and review their own ratings to identify strengths and weaknesses to assess how they rank against competitors. 
  • Quantitative ratings can and should be incorporated into risk evaluation as well as vetting prospective vendors, partners, or acquisition targets.
  • Insurance providers can include these ratings into their underwriting programs and in some cases, offer discounts on premiums. 


Skepticism abounds every time fresh thinking disrupts a market so in fairness the biggest single objection we hear is the accuracy of and weighting assigned to variables that contribute to the overall rating. BitSight pioneered cybersecurity ratings and their deep expertise in this space enables them to address these doubts while continually refining their proprietary algorithms and rating methodology.

We endorse BitSight as the thought leader for organizations who aspire to setting the pace, proactively governing their security posture, and achieving peace of mind.  So, whether it’s in a distribution center or the boardroom everyone with skin in the game can focus on adding value instead of putting out fires.  

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